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Foundation and foundation manager

Job title

Foundation and foundation manager

The job NO.



Foundation and foundation

The posts Capacity


Direct supervisor

Vice president of engineering

Under the jurisdiction of the number of


Directly subordinate

Project managers, construction workers

Job analysis date

November 2010

this post:
Under the leadership of the vice president of engineering, responsible for the foundation and the basic organized by the Ministry of Construction and Management. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of the department's work plan and management system, the establishment of the foundation engineering construction operations and management system; well all of the professional organizations in the factors of production facilities project coordination work; quality of the projects, progress, safety aspects management status and the level of management oversight and control, and to participate in project cost management; urge the acceptance of the project manager tissue engineering to assist in the completion of settlement; provide for the construction of the project elements support and Conditions Security.
Responsible for the completion of the department's annual output value and security center issued production goals; obligation to complete the responsibility of operating indicators.

responsibilities and tasks:


roles are presented: system management. Responsible for developing the technical quality management system


1, according to the Act, regulations and technical specifications of the national, provincial and municipal construction projects, as well as company rules and regulations, the development of this sector management system, reported engineering vice president approved the implementation of

Involved in the preparation of project management manual

3, the development of the project's progress inspection system

4, supervise, check the foundation and the basis of the rules and regulations of the implementation of


roles are presented: program management. Responsible for the preparation and implementation of the work plan of the Department of Basic


Assist superiors to develop the project strategy

2, responsible for the project of the Department of Basic quarterly work plan and a summary of the work of preparation, according to the company the project, the dynamic adjustment. Needed with the requirements of the business of other departments of the company, to help develop relevant plans

3, on the 30th of each month to develop the basis of monthly project work plan, audit recovery of funds and the use of programs reported that vice president of engineering approval

4, responsible for the concrete implementation of the work plan of the department, to supervise the implementation of the construction plan of the project department


duties expression: project management. Responsible for establishing sound project management and innovation system and the implementation of


1, is responsible for establishing the project management and the supervision and control system, and with the development of the engineering business constantly improve

2, the work carried out under the leadership of the vice president of engineering construction technology innovation, the formation of the characteristic mode of construction

3, to participate in high-quality engineering activities carried out, striving for quality engineering


4, the technical quality of the participating organizations JIU. Involved in the inspection of the project construction quality control


duties statement: tender management. To participate in the work of the bidding


To assist in the marketing department of the tender work


roles are presented: compliance management. Responsible for project management, supervision and control of all the construction projects of the Department of Basic


1, is responsible for organizing, coordinating construction preparation work

A, organization of project pre-construction preparations, correspondent, project implementation plan submitted by the mobilization will audit project

Assist in organizing the project of the Ministry of Commerce Ministry on the selection of sub-suppliers, and provide the department views

C, to assist the Ministry of Commerce of the sub-supplier contract signed

Participate in the review "Construction Organization Design"

2, coordination and rational allocation of construction resources and factors of production

A, coordination of construction personnel, materials, equipment, subcontractors approach to provide elements of support for the smooth development of the project and conditions Security

B, to mobilize various projects resources rational allocation and improve the efficiency of resource use

3, responsible for the inspection, supervision and project construction schedule

A, perform the "contract 交底 book handed down the progress of the project objectives, the review of the project department make a schedule, and determine

B, progress on phase control, deviation analysis of planned and actual progress of the project department to submit a progress analysis report and the progress of corrective programs

Involved in the project cost management, and promote cost targets completed

A, to assist the Ministry of Commerce of the progress payments to pay the amount of engineering audit, reported that engineering vice president of audit

B, analysis of the cost of the project construction process, supervision

5, responsible for the organization of project management work

A coordination and construction side, Supervisor relationships, coordinate and solve the scene

B, the organization handling the construction site of a variety of significant unexpected problems

6, the organization, supervision and engineering acceptance of work involved in the completion of settlement

A, organization, supervision and project department for project completion and acceptance

B, project completion and acceptance, organization, supervision and project department of the timely completion of the takeover and acceptance of Party, and signed by the "Quartet acceptance of a single"


duties of representation: Engineering Statistics. Is responsible for all construction projects of the Department of Basic Engineering Statistics


1, according to the engineering contract requirements and project specific, timely organize the compilation of the total construction schedule

Urged the preparation of the next month to month plan and early next month 旬 plan, on the 25th of each month on the 8th of each month, the preparation of the mid-late plan on the 18th of each month preparation late late plan

3, on the 25th of each month, the month of the project construction production schedule completion of statistical analysis, good statistical charts, internal discussions and to work out concrete measures submitted by the vice president of engineering

4, to oversee the project plans to completion, unfinished plan analysis and proposed remedies

5, on the 25th of each month, urged the timely preparation of monthly progress reports, checked by the project manager and promptly submit the business and the company

6, on the 25th of each month, urged submitted next month, materials, labor, machinery and equipment required by the project manager, check, submit engineering vice president after being signed by the relevant personnel

7, the progress of the project has been fully grasp the situation and make the work records, provide a guarantee for good statistics and plans

8, timely registration of completion of ledger


duties expression: Talent Management. Responsible for the guidance of the professional development of the employees of the department, the ability to develop guidance and training arrangements, and departments cultural construction


1, the development department staff training programs, timely arrangements for the employees of the department related training

, In charge of the department's staff induction training, career development, and capacity development to guide the work, Professor arrangements training courses

3, the cultural construction of the responsible departments, unified department employees thinking, boost morale and improve business efficiency


duties expression: organization and management. In charge of the Department of Basic cost management, department staff management, performance appraisal


1, is responsible for the Division task distribution, guidance to subordinates to complete the work on the management of the department's employees work in the company's office

2 (Project Office) is responsible for subordinates attendance, performance appraisal and evaluation

Responsible for the mobilization of employees in different projects between the coordination work and reported to the vice president of engineering

4, responsible for the development of this Part, cost plans, audit expenses within the scope of the control authority

5, to help resolve the difficulties in the work of subordinates, coordinating the work disputes between subordinates

Coordinating projects with other departments of the relationship <


duties expression: Information Management. Responsible for the management of the company foundation engineering information (specifications, documents, periodicals, and engineering data)


1, responsible for basic project management practices, publications, book purchase

2, responsible for various engineering documents, data management

3, is responsible for the collection of the construction process of the new business summary finishing, and submit a research report


completed leadership accountable work


1, business rights: project management standards, publications, books to buy rights
Related engineering documents, data management rights
Master the sector, machines, materials and other factors of production deployment rights
Engineering Quality Supervision right

Money payment right to make recommendations The audit of the project amount right
The right to participate in sub-supplier selection and countersigned contract rights
Operational guidance and supervise subordinates
Decision-making authority of the department task arrangements right

  1. Financial rights: the purchase of the relevant technical information, subscription fees

    The business fee limits the right to use
    Departments within the cost of the audit rights

3, personnel right: subordinates performance appraisal rights, incentive right to make recommendations

Right to make recommendations to subordinate staff training Of subordinate staff recruitment, appointment and removal, Relocation, promotions right to make recommendations

4, the right to information: own work must work right to know

working collaborative relationship:

internal coordination between

Subcontracting units, operating, technical quality, materials, Integrated Department

external coordination relations

Quality Supervision Station, reconnaissance units, Party, supervision, management companies


education level

College degree or above


Geotechnical engineering, civil engineering and architecture, business management and other related professionals

training experience

Secondary and higher construction division


3 years geotechnical construction site management experience, including at least one complete project management of large-scale geotechnical experience


Have knowledge of the main business, project management, engineering knowledge of building codes, using a computer office software driving

skills and techniques

Have strong interpersonal skills, leadership skills, communication skills, judgment and decision-making ability, planning and implementation capacity; impartiality, professionalism, good ethics


use tools and equipment

Telephone, fax machine, printer, computer, automotive

work environment

Office, construction site

working time feature


required record documentation

Sector management system "system" executive summary "of the" basis for the project the quarter overall plan "the basis of the Ministry of monthly project work plan," "project plan implementation of month summary" Minutes "negotiations Minutes" contract "the cost of the project, will be signing expenditure statement "staff appraisal forms

the Note: if necessary, to serve as the project director or project manager; involved in the full marketing



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