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The Beijing health Hyder Geotechnical Engineering Co., Ltd.was established in March 2008, the company is mainly engaged in the foundation and foundation engineering contractor, the company currently employs more than 50 people,including a construction division, two construction division 4 people,there are more than 40 titles of staff, management staff all have a college education and building technical titles and job qualification certificate. Companies complete professional and technical personnel, and management is strong. Company contract defensive reputation, focus on the quality of construction,companies rely on scientific and technological strength and equipment advantages and actively explore the market, has always been active in the forefront of the foundation and the basis of professional fields. We always carry out "quality of survival, to manage for efficiency, credibility and development" principle, based across the country, the national service for the international market.

Talent as a fundamental management backed technology and equipments strength for the protection of great importance to the development of human resources and nurture talent professional, expert, professional, great importance to theestablishment and implementation of the management system, standardization of management decisions, operating procedures , system modernization, vigorously develop new technologies, new processes, establish and improve theconstruction, monitoring, management and control system, the implementation of the "reinforcing Strenthenning Support","deep foundation pit support body monitoring technology, prestressed soil nailing technology "," Churning pile sealing curtaintechnology "," the Shallow Excavation technology, the application of the rotary drilling rig construction method. Company hashydraulic grabs, rotary drilling rig, long auger, reverse circulation drilling rig, Churning Pile rig truck crane, crawler cranes,excavators, loaders, dump trucks, concrete pumps, mixers, bolting machine. kinds of large geotechnical engineeringmachinery and equipment. The powerful own equipment strength is our company successfully completed the constructiontasks assurance.

We will be more standardized management system and more flexible operational mechanism, unity, cooperation, good governance, to provide users with the best service and the community to create the best products.

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