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Concept of corporate culture

Enterprise mission: to realize their dreams, so the building stands a hundred years

Corporate vision: to focus on engineering, became a symbol of safety and quality

Core values​​: people-oriented, to achieve win-win

Enterprise spirit: self-improvement, beyond the self

Management philosophy: clear goals, and efficient implementation

Business philosophy: customer first, strict integrity, full participation


Excellent team / character

Introduction: my company in 2011 to enter the wind turbine industry, the first fan team holds the pioneering spirit went to thenorthwestern border. In sparsely populated, material deprivation, spiritual life boring environment, study hard, excellence,courage and work hard in a down-to-earth manner, and ultimately the successful completion of the task. Their spirit deeplyappeal to industry colleagues, I also industry acclaim!


2011 training mission

Introduction: my company to explore potential employees, enhance employee mutual, mutual trust, and training staff teamcollaboration capabilities, adaptability, improve staff teamwork, innovation spirit golden October of each year will be organized group training activities. 2011 training mission to "unite forces unite the birth of hope" as the theme, a lot of peoplein the training mission breakthrough self, do they think impossible things. We have experienced 100 failed, almost everyoneexhaustion, but the strong determination to support our successful completion of the task. Scientific giant Edison is widely acclaimed for the power of each of us who have, and powerful.


④ team building

Introduction: We have an emphasis on team building, personnel training, often organized business training, technical training and management training. We employ professional management consulting firm Price Waterhouse letter to help us build acohesive team of geotechnical.

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