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jobs, manager of foundation and foundation


1, system management: responsible for developing the technical quality management system;

2, technology management: responsible for the preparation and implementation of the work plan of the Department of Basic;

3, project management: responsible for establishing sound project management and innovation system and implemented;

4, bid management: to participate in the bidding;

5, the Compliance Management: Responsible for the project management, supervision and control of all the construction projects of the Department of Basic;

6.Engineering Statistics Management: responsible for the Department of Basic Engineering Statistics for all construction projects;

7, talent management: responsible for the employees of the department of career development guidance, capacity development guidance, training arrangements and departments cultural construction;

8, organization and management: responsible for the management of the work of the foundation, expense management, department staff, performance appraisal;

Information management: responsible for the management of the company foundation engineering data.



1, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering degree and above;

2, the construction of two divisions;

3,3 years of geotechnical construction site management experience;

4, with the main business knowledge, project management, engineering knowledge of building codes, master office cad


jobs, business members


1.Responsible for the completion of the project contract and costs (pre-control, statistical) management work;

2, assist in the bidding process in the economy, business subject matter preparation;

3, assist Party A contract signed, is responsible for the sub - contract signed;

4, the preparation of the project cost of pre-control "," project capital cost tables;

5.Assist the project manager for the preparation of the monthly income payment plan and organize the project sub-supplier payments;

6, is responsible for the preparation of the project completion information, and assist the project manager for clearing work;

7, to assist the project manager to complete the goals agreed upon by the letters of responsibility for project cost control goals, assume the status and responsibility.



1, the project cost specialist and higher education;

2, with the cost of staff qualification certificates;

3.Business member of more than one year of work experience;

4, with relevant laws and regulations, the budget and the construction of the main business technology;

Skilled use of conventional office software Glodon cad;

6 skilled driver.

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