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Shanghai People's Congress-site supervision of government departments, the first time in 30 years

2009/10/27 01:57
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Shanghai People's Congress and government departments positive clash

Relations of the National People's Congress and government departments, many representatives misunderstood as "place not offside, help is not chaos"

"Oriental Outlook Weekly" reporter Qian of Yaping | Shanghai

October 15, the Shanghai Municipal Housing Authority, a special deputies supervision will.

Skyscrapers out of the window, the radiated play pointing to line: "Today 'tens of thousand', a lot of people can not afford housing, can not be 'all smile'."

Shanghai People's Congress radiated to the Shanghai workers in 1987, 20 years of wage earners, still standing in the position of the migrant workers, the "high price" raised the question to the Housing Authority.

October 13, 2009 to 19, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, the director, deputy director and part of the Municipal People's Congress 兵分 eight to eight representatives of the Health Bureau, National Development and Reform Commission and other views "big", "packaged" supervision of the deputies advice of situation. This is the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress set up 30 years ago for the first time to take this form of supervision.

"-Site supervision of the" as the creation of a new form of the Standing Committee oversight, and promote the implementation of the right of the Standing Committee and representatives of supervision.

As to result in "no status"

"Always imposing inspections, always enthusiastic participation, publicity is always booming, research is always informative, but did not always implement the rectification shadow." Borrow jingle, Shanghai People's Congress so ridicule supervision status quo .

In accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the People's Congress, the motions and proposals put forward by the deputies, the undertaker must timely feedback about matters of opinion, to accept on behalf of the inquiry and question. However, this program is greatly reduced in reality.

Shanghai People's Congress Liu days Miss encountered "Fudge" of government departments. He had diplomatic relations committee submitted written comments on the A30 Yun Chuan Road be opened as soon as possible out of the crossing recommendations, the department's commitment to the end of September.

Early in the morning of October 19, the way to go to the department to supervise the day Miss Liu deliberately Bypass Yun Chuan Road, they found where the road has not yet opened.

"Fudge" more than one day Miss Liu, Zhu Wei, deputies departments handled on behalf of the written comments, the response is often flew like, but the answer was "irrelevant" comments, "Since you have done so successfully, why should I it?! "

Although the law explicitly stipulates that "deputies feedback from government agencies and their staff are not satisfied, you can exercise the power of removal", but Undertaker perfunctory prevarication, "the power of removal is almost never utilized.

Mao Shoulong, scholars of the Chinese People's University, told Oriental Outlook Weekly ", the relationship of the National People's Congress and government departments, representatives misunderstood place not offside, help is not chaos.

Immediate widespread public concern "barb" enforcement event, for example, the deputies collective aphasia; 2008 Yunnan "hide and seek" event from criticism from the public to the survey of Internet users finding mission, to the Attorney the intervention of the authorities, twists and turns, and there has never been the shadow of the NPC.

Shanghai NPC Internal and Judicial Affairs Committee chairman Yang wholeheartedly not without worries, if such a phenomenon long this constant, not only will lose the confidence and trust of the deputies and the people of the NPC's supervision, will be generated by the supervisor supervision by the NPC is "going through the motions, very easy to deal with misconceptions can even" Fudge ".

The deputies "clash" Secretary

In mid-October, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress supervision will open directly to the government departments, which whipped up a supervision of the cyclone, has also attracted outside attention.

The centrally supervised eight units were the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the establishment of diplomatic relations Committee, Housing Authority, pay the Port Authority, the Board of Education, the Board of Health, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Public Security Bureau.

As of September 30, 2009, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress has received a total of 964 representatives of the written opinion, the number of the biggest this year involving the written comments of the eight units, accounting for more than half of the total, they are truly "views of large . "

The staff of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, introduced in previous years, the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress, through the supervision of the director of the Conference on behalf of the written opinion, but due to limited manpower, generally only the supervision of a specific few pieces written comments to the "Oriental Outlook Weekly".

This year, the Municipal People's Congress to make written comments are also involved in the supervision of the ranks, and is directed at the "Opinions big," More than ever, covers a broader and more intensive effectiveness will also be more apparent ".

In the first stop of Health Bureau of the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress the "packaged supervision", Secretary Xu Jianguang "respondents" the statistics given "to solve the adoption rate of 91%", but was deputies Jin Dehua "hot pursuit": "should be resolved and adoption are two different things, many written comments, I believe that it has been adopted by you, but to solve it? I do not think."

"Adoption illustrates the attitude of the government departments, but we do not want to see the attitude but results." Another the NPC deputies Pei Zhen also did unflinchingly.

Moment, the forum looked at each other. The next day, the Shanghai local media on a slight smell of gunpowder saying "deputies 'clash' Health Secretary" was even issued supervision by the NPC is no longer a 'rubber stamp', but 'ringing' "emotion .

And the battle has only just begun. Supervision in another meeting, the deputies, Changning District Central Hospital, vice president of Farmers' written comments with their own "about Izumiguchi the Road (LinQuan Road - Hami Road) changed to a two-way lane proposal" from, this is a aimed at resolving the written comments of some sections of the traffic congestion.

Farmers' question the police chief, and April, the Public Security Bureau has this opinion to communicate with him, promised two months after the settlement. "So I signed on for the results satisfactory, but still does not solve this problem now." Farmers' requirements of the Public Security Bureau directly to give him a timetable.

Require the department to set a time node handling the case on behalf of opinion, and promptly inform the representatives of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, on behalf of Yang visit, give us a right to know ".

The opinions of the deputies should become government officials assessment indicators

Lot of power, means very little, Mao Shoulong phrase points to the embarrassing situation of the supervision of the people's congresses at all levels. The supervision of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress at all levels Law in 2007 given the Standing Committee inquiry and question and recall powers, but on the specific rules of supervision has not been clear.

At Peking University Law School Professor Zhang Qian's view, this is precisely the space and opportunity left around the NPC's supervision system innovation, and the Shanghai People's Congress Standing Committee, door supervision ", an innovative practice is to supervise.

Most deputies went to the functional departments of the government "on-site handling the case" is a useful attempt to participate in the 5 times the scene to supervise the Pei-zhen representative joking this event as the "Eighth Route Army" action: "In the past, the leadership supervision the supervision by the deputies now say that we represent. "

The deputies, Fudan University School of Medicine Professor Xu Cong sword, on-site supervision "appreciates the past, deputies submit written comments, the various departments will deal with feedback to the representatives, but the subsequent progress of the matter and no furtherThe track, "The supervision provided to delegates the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with the person in charge of the various departments.

This exchange is very conducive to the solution of the problem, "the deputies and government departments are not 'confrontational' relationship," Xu Cong Sword said supervision by the NPC is not unconventional to ask questions, but to promote the work of the government, "In this process, the communication is very important. "

Another representative Wu Jingping think it is still fun, "only the current arrangement is not enough, the views of the deputies should be the assessment indicators of government officials."

He also hoped that the "door supervision can not be merely in form, but should be the norm.NPC is no longer a 'rubber stamp', but hard. "

However, representatives of think-site supervision of the "normalization difficult to operate.Because most of the deputies have their own work, rather than a full-time representative of the "best year was held once or twice, to communicate on key issues." Xu Cong sword.

Mr. Mao said, the day-to-day supervision of the Standing Committee need to explore new means.The National People's Congress is not to play a role only means currently available for adoption rarely in practice continue to explore. "

In his opinion, led by the leadership of the door open symposium mode, is still an open sound political democracy "semi".


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